Scaling Design Thinking Practices

Move beyond the workshop and leverage the power of human-centered design and behavioral science to solve real-world challenges.

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The real-world challenges the Design Thinker Institute tackles

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Preferred Employer

Do you want to become a preferred employer that’s able to attract and retain top talent even in a tough labor market? Let’s discover your organization’s unique value proposition, then leverage design thinker practices and behavioral science to create a people experience that attracts and retains top talent.

Consumer Outcomes

Do you want to create impactful consumer outcomes with your products and service? Let’s turn your data into insights to help you understand the needs of your customers, then use design thinker practices and behavioral science to create solutions that meets needs, are easily are adopted and have an impact.

Building Capabilities

Do you want to build capabilities for a future fit workforce? Let’s start with evidence-based assessments to baseline your current capabilities, then leverage design thinker practices and behavioral science to building a tailored capability program, that upskills your workforce.

Digital Transformation

Do you want to make digital transformation easier, faster, less painful? Let’s gather insights to understand how humans want to interact with technology, then use design thinking to drive technology requirements, finally, apply behavioral science to enable adoption of digital technology.

Transformation happens at the intersection of Design Thinking and behavioral science 

Every problem requires two things, a solution and for that solution to be adopted. When we create solutions with an understanding of how the human brain works, we create solutions that are easily adopted. The approach at the Design Thinker Institute is combining Design Thinker Capabilities with Behavioral Science – this is how we create real transformation.

Evidence based practices...backed by science...tested in the real-world

Nearly a decade of scientific research into the capabilities of Design Thinkers and how humans adapt to change forms the foundation of the Design Thinker Institute. This research isn’t just academic, this research has also been tested with real organizations to solve real-world challenges.

The Human Behind the Institute

I'm Dani Chesson

The founder of the Design Thinker Institute, creator of the Design Thinker Profile, co-host of the Design Thinker Podcast. I’m a human-centered design practitioner and behavioral scientist by training. It is the realization that my success in the corporate world came from my roots as a designer that inspired me to create the Design Thinker Institute. For me Design Thinking has never been about a workshop or a process to follow, instead it’s been a set of capabilities that can be applied to any problem to create practical solutions to real-world challenges. It is the daily practice of Design Thinking that gets results.

Research Insights

Six questions for leading through change

Design Thinking is commonly known as an approach for innovation. Did you know that Design Thinking can also be a catalyst for change? 

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Ways of Learning

Check out these self-paced learnings options to help you move beyond the workshop and into a daily practice.

Aspiring Design Thinkers Start Here

Heard about design thinking? Curious but unsure how to get started? You've come to the right place. Start with discovering your unique Design Thinker Profile.

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Six Tools for Leading Through Change

Whether you are leading yourself or others through change, this self-paced course provides practical tools for leading through change.   

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Discover the Design Thinker Within

Ready to kick up your Design Thinker practices? Take a deep dive into your Design Thinker Profile and learn how to strengthen your capabilities.

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Learn more about Dani’s research on Design Thinker capabilities in peer-reviewed and industry publications.


Tune into an episode and take a deep dive into a topic on applying Design Thinker capabilities in the real world


Read about Dr Dani’s experiences apply Design Thinker practices with organizations  


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