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When combined, design thinking and behavioral science create a powerful approach that enables exploring problems, uncovering needs, testing solutions, and shaping behaviors to adapt new ways forward. We consider this our superpower!

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Discover insights to design solutions that drive change.

By integrating research insights, design thinking principles, and behavioral science, we unlock a potent approach that fuels innovation, problem-solving, and transformative outcomes!

The Human Behind the Institute

Inspired by practical experience and informed by research

When I realized the lessons learned in design school had practical applications in solving complex business challenges, the idea for the Design Thinker Institute was born. 

After several years working in global corporations, I grew frustrated with how organizations struggled to solve problems, bold ideas were often tempered or watered down, while the tendency to stick to familiar yet ineffective solutions prevailed. Then we wondered why nothing was getting better. This frustration sparked my curiosity and set me off on a journey to find a better way. After ten years of researching and testing in the field I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

The Design Thinker Institute was inspired by my frustration and fueled by my curiosity with the mission of helping you design for adaptability.

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